Creating DMG Files Without MacOS X

I’ve put together a script for creating DMG files without using OS X…it requires Linux, I’ve tested it on Kubuntu 7.10 but it should work on anything recent. The process will also be Wiki’d, but in the meantime, instructions are below for the curious!

Run the following commands:

# This gets and builds a patched version of Apple's diskdev_cmds package which will work on Linux
tar xzf diskdev_cmds-332.14.tar.gz
bunzip2 -c diskdev_cmds-332.14.patch.bz2 | patch -p0
cd diskdev_cmds-332.14
make -f Makefile.lnx

# Create symlinks to the mkfs and fsck commands for HFS+
sudo cp newfs_hfs.tproj/newfs_hfs /sbin/mkfs.hfsplus
sudo cp fsck_hfs.tproj/fsck_hfs /sbin/fsck.hfsplus

# Get and enable the hfsplus kernel module
sudo apt-get install hfsplus
sudo modprobe hfsplus

Now that's done, you can use the following handy bash script (must be run as root) I've written to create a DMG file which contains the contents of a directory you specify on the command line.


# DMG Creation Script
# Usage: makedmg <imagename> <imagetitle> <imagesize (MB)> <contentdir>
# imagename: The output file name of the image, ie foo.dmg
# imagetitle: The title of the DMG File as displayed in OS X
# imagesize: The size of the DMG you're creating in MB (Blame Linux for the fixed size limitation!!)
# contentdir: The directory containing the content you want the DMG file to contain
# Example: makedmg foo.dmg "Script Test" 50 /home/jon/work/scripts/content
# Author: Jon Cowie
# Creation Date: 02/04/2008

if [ ! $# == 4 ]; then
	echo "Usage: makedmg <imagename> <imagetitle> <imagesize (MB)> <contentdir>"

	if [ ${USER} != "root" ]; then
		echo "makedmg must be run as root!"
		echo "Creating DMG File..."
		dd if=/dev/zero of=${OUTPUT} bs=1M count=$FILESIZE
		mkfs.hfsplus -v "${TITLE}" ${OUTPUT}

		echo "Mounting DMG File..."
		mkdir -p ${TMPDIR}
		mount -t hfsplus -o loop ${OUTPUT} ${TMPDIR} 

		echo "Copying content to DMG File..."

		echo "Unmounting DMG File..."
		umount ${TMPDIR}
		rm -rf ${TMPDIR}

		echo "All Done!"

Hope it’s useful!